Div-9.com is the website for Schwarz & Associates, Inc., a manufacturer's rep agency specializing in interior finishes. We are located in the Pacific Northwest.  

In partnership with select manufacturers, we provide assistance to architects, designers, contractors and installers throughout the construction process.

In the design phase, we can assist you with your product selection by providing system and finish samples along with help in budgeting and detailing.

By making informed decisions regarding sizes, modules, finishes and layouts we can help to keep key finish elements in the project from being VE'd.  Sometimes minor changes can save several dollars per square foot.

Part of good design is understanding a product or material's limitations; and then allowing for tolerances where that material interfaces with other building elements.   Sometimes we've had to learn the hard way about where or how not to use a particular material or finish. 

If you have a question or are wondering about a particular use or application of a product, let us know....we're happy to share what's worked well, and what's caused us trouble on past projects and advise on possible alternatives.

Jerald Schwarz
President, Schwarz & Associates, Inc.